Our Investment Portfolios

Our in-house portfolios have been honed by years of experience and a track record of results for clients that have earned their appreciation as well as their trust. The portfolios include a diversity of risk and return profiles, a variety of sectors and a number of different investment options to meet various investment goals. At the same time, each adheres to sound fundamentals and periodic rebalancing as needed to help ensure objectives are met.

Our in-house portfolios include:

Index: A more passive approach to investing, this program utilizes indices as its investment options. The specific indices that are included will vary based on our determination as to what asset classes and sectors are likely to perform best given economic conditions.

Dividend: This program is designed to maximize total returns with an emphasis on dividends. Using particular sectors as the stock selection universe, we overlay analysis of sector trends to select the top-ranked equities for inclusion in the portfolio.

Large Cap Momentum: Based on the S&P 500, this program includes our determination of the top ten securities showing positive trends and also incorporates a risk mitigation component.

Mid-Cap Momentum: This program begins with the S&P Mid-Cap 400 as its universe, selecting the top ten positions as determined by our analysis, and also includes a risk mitigation component.

“Green”: This portfolio comprises companies that have been noted to have positive environmental, social and governance characteristics; we use our proprietary ranking system to determine the strongest equities within this universe and rebalance the holdings on a monthly basis.