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Cordatus Wealth Management is a first-class money manager that offers investment services and comprehensive financial planning. We enjoy an excellent reputation for in-house money management that encompasses a selection of in-house portfolios serving clients’ needs for various risk and reward scenarios, as well as manage a portfolio geared to socially responsible investing. A culture of hard work, transparency and enduring relationships defines the values we espouse in our business and in ourselves. At Cordatus, our customized client service and attention to both detail and holistic counsel help ensure each and every client a secure and confident financial future.


Cordatus Wealth Management is well known for its money management and advisory skill, recognized for total advocacy on behalf of its clients, and appreciated for its dedication to personalized and attentive service.

High-Touch, Personal Service

We offer all our clients a more personal approach to the management of their assets. At Cordatus Wealth Management, we value our client relationships; we devote the time and effort it takes to understand each client’s life circumstances and goals for the future as well as how both evolve over time. We pride ourselves on accessibility, honesty and being active and interested members of our community.

Long-Term Perspective

In investing as in life overall, we take a long-term view. Our investment philosophy is rooted in the belief that a long-term horizon is critical to a successful financial plan. At the same time, we recognize that clients’ needs change as they go through various life stages, as do the opportunities and risks associated with the economic and political environment. We see our job as melding the two, so that our relationship with you and our best thinking informs our efforts to meet your goals for a lifetime.

Capabilities and Resources

With almost 100 years of experience between us, we are experienced money managers and financial planners, offering clients comprehensive and advanced wealth management solutions. As an independent firm, we can offer an expanding array of product and service options through relationships with strategic partners, providing unsurpassed access to the global capital markets, the most innovative products and the most current thought leadership. Longstanding relationships with key Centers of Influence members in our region help us ensure that your specialized needs in other areas, such as trust and estates or taxation, are met in an integrated fashion.


Our clients are at the core of all we do. Our recommendations are always and absolutely driven by what’s in the best interests of our clients. In fact, our approach to crafting our clients’ financial plans is no different from that which we apply to our own. As an independent RIA, we have added agility and the ability to focus on what we do best — advocate for your best interests with the deepest care, highest level of attention and total dedication to your needs.

Why Independence?

Capitalizing on the ongoing evolution of technology and the financial services industry, today’s open-architecture framework allows us to offer clients increased access to best-in-class products, services and ideas from whatever firm they originate. We are unencumbered by corporate mandates or sales quotas and better able to deliver on our fiduciary promise to you.

We offer all our clients a highly personal approach
to the management of their assets.